Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sew Cute IPad Cover

In my last reno update I said I would post about something I made, so here it is (and yay!  I figured out how to make my links have the text I want, instead of the address!!! Go ahead, click where it says 'last reno update, and it will take you to my last reno update!)...

Check out this cute Ipad cover!

I was checking out some blogs one night and came across an awesome tutorial on how to sew them.

The next day I headed to Walmart to pick up some material I had spied earlier, but didn't buy because it wouldn't work in our home...but it is perfect for this, don't ya think?!

That night I hunkered down and made 3 of them! All 3 are the same material, so I personalized them with a blingy initial and a charm (please ignore my sloppy initials, they didn't turn out as planned - have a new strategy for next time!).

Sorry, I already gave one away, so no pics of that one, but it has an ice cream cone and a piece of candy on it. The lovely lady who received that one was actually the one to think of the charms, and since she happened to be in town visiting the day after I made them, she got to pick her own charms. I think her candy perfectly symbolizes what she and I do when we get junk!

The tutorial actually shows steps for two flaps at the top, and they fasten with buttons.  I did cut two straps, but because the Ipad is so small (her instructions are for a laptop), I figured I could get away with one.  Also, I'm not a good button-holer (I'll practice at that though :)), so I decided to just sew velcro on instead and it works well.

Here is a link to Lindsay over at The Cottage Home blog. She has lots of really good sewing tutorials if you are into sewing at all, and they are all very well explained (I only made the Ipad cover, but of course had to review all her tutorials to see if I would be at all capable of making anything else!).  If you make an Ipad cover though, share a pic, I'd love to see what material you choose!

Today I finished some really cute coasters - next weekend I'll post the tutorial on how I did them - it was super easy!

How did you spend your weekend?