Sunday, May 15, 2011

I love yard sales!

Spring has finally hit in our part of the world, and you can tell by the fact that yard sales are back!  I've always loved yard sales - I can remember going with my mom when I was young, and although in recent years I haven't gone that often, this year will be different!

With the new house must come new decor, right?!  And although I've been a shoppin' fool on EtsyEbay, and even Beyond The Rack as of late, yard sales have been a great place to score some good finds too!

Yesterday the man and I headed out pretty early (if you want to catch the good stuff you should go early - and go on Friday evenings if the sellers are hosting at that time - you'll for sure see the best stuff then) and we found 7 just by looking at the local board where everybody posts their items for sale and such.

Below is a pic of the treasures I scored!

The picture frames will eventually be spray painted white for a photo wall I'm inspiring to make.  

The Rod Stewart cassette set will hopefully become artwork, but I'm not sure how yet. 

 The glass pieces I think I will leave alone - I like all the colors just the way they are.

And the books.  It was actually Kev who pointed them out.  Good idea too because I think they make nice decorations.  I liked the color of the blue one and then read the title...'The Assassination of President Kennedy' - I might even read this one some day.

I liked the red color of this one, but it really was the title that made me get it...'The Cow Puncher' - on quick scan it said copyright 1918.  I probably won't read it, but a fun piece I thought!

And here is how some of the above pieces look now sitting on my mantle!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend - did you go to any yard sales?

- Marsha - 


Laurie Jefferies said... [Reply to comment]

I love yard sales too but unfortunately with our house in Toronto but living in Alberta for the summer I have no reason for going to garage sales! Wait a minute...maybe I need something for our trailer :)