Friday, May 6, 2011

Food Friendly Friday - Week 2

Ok, folks, this weeks menu is really nothing to write about, but since I want to get in the habit, I'll post it anyway.

I'm all by myself for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so there is no plan for those days.  My man is out of town for work, and kids aren't back until Monday night soooo, why make it hard on myself?  I'll just eat what and when I want!

Tuesday (kids for next 4 days) - Pita Pizzas - no link or recipe for this one!  Just put some pizza sauce, meat and cheese on a pita, bake at around 400F until cheese is melted.  Easy and tasty!

Wednesday - I can't justify having Whatever Wednesday when I really haven't had to cook yet this week, so we are having spaghetti.  Again, no link and no recipe.  I cheat and just add a jar of our favorite sauce to a pound of browned hamburger (with onions and garlic of course!).  We ALWAYS have angel hair pasta with our sauce, and we will have garlic bread of some sort too.

Thursday - Slow Cooker Pork Chops with Mashed Potatoes - Again, no link or recipe.  I throw boneless pork chops, onions and garlic in the slow cooker with a can of mushroom soup over top and voila!  Serve with mashed potatoes and the gravy from the cooker.  YUM!

Friday - Dinner out - since it's just me and the kids, and it's Friday, I thought it would be nice if I took them out for supper this night - you know, spend some 'quality' time with my almost grown ups.

Saturday - Slow and Easy Barbecued Ribs - I know we just had pork 2 days ago, but my man will be home for supper for the first time in a week and he has been bugging me to try this recipe.  It's from the Pillsbury Slow Cooker Recipes cook book.  I haven't tried it yet, but if it turns out good I'll do a whole post on the recipe.

Which reminds me of last week.  We tried some new stuff, but we weren't too thrilled.  The Ham and Parmesan Potatoes might have been good if someone had not thrown away my fresh parmesan cheese without me knowing.  We won't be trying it again with the cheese though - not worth it.  The Shaker Tomato soup was actually good, but of course onions and celery didn't go over well with my picky daughter.  I would maybe make this again, but probably not - tomato soup on it's own is just as good with less effort.  And as for the Spicy Goulash - didn't make it.  Was going to do that yesterday, but the kids complained it was too much new stuff so I did the chicken burgers we were supposed to have tonight instead.  I don't have a plan for tonight, but my man will be heading out of town, so we will probably just grab take-out.  I don't feel too bad about that, it's been a while since we had take-out.  Plus, it's Friday - why not!

If anyone out there did try the Spicy Goulash, or is going to, please let me know if you liked it - I would like to put this one back on the menu to try eventually!

Have a great weekend - I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.  

Happy Mother's Day!