Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finally, some Renos pics...

I'm not sure exactly how many days it has been since the renos started, but the first day was January 31, and today is April 28, so let's just say 3 months. That's about how long it takes to do an entire upstairs reno. Of course, we are not exactly finished yet, BUT, the cabinet maker says he will be done by the end of next week, FOR SURE, and since everything else is done, that means it will all be over once he's finished!

All of the tiling and grouting was finally finished on Monday of this week, and it looks great! I'm so glad I made him rip the other stuff out in the kitchen. We used all the same colors, but mostly beige instead of gray. What do you think?

Also, the blinds were installed on Monday. You'll notice every window has the same blind. It's hard to tell in the pics, but there is a slight texture to the material, which is just a dark brown.  Drapes to come soon in the living room I think.

The trim for the cabinets was installed today, and I think it really finishes off the cabinets nicely.

And the doors were installed on the cabinets in our small bathroom.

Some of the closet doors and drawers were installed in our bedroom as well.

LOVE these shoe drawers!!!

And how about this corner piece in the dining area? Isn't it beautiful? It still needs the glass up top, but that will go in tomorrow, along with the rest of the closet stuff.

That leaves Alex with still having to do the TV stand, the back porch and the mantle. Plus he's going to spruce up the always banged up ledge around the stairs to the basement (yet another add-on). Hmmm, next week for sure huh? I guess time will tell....

Here are some pics of the living room with the new furniture...

The dog's favorite spot to wait for kev...

As you can see, my scrap room is being put to good use!  I already have a few projects on the go ;)

On a whim I decided to just decorate Cam's room as the guest room now, since that is what it will be when the basement is done, and since my mom is coming to visit for Taylor's graduation :) Cam is not too happy about what he calls a 'girly' room...I told him to pretend he was away on vacation to a spa-like destination :)

That's it for reno news.  I'll do a before and after post next time so the changes can really be appreciated. We are very proud of how it has all come together and can't believe it's almost done, finally!

Oh, I almost forgot...I sewed the coolest thing together the other day for myself and a couple of and a link to the tutorial to come on the weekend!  Sorry, not telling what it is 'till then 'cause one friend doesn't know what I have for her yet!

On a different note, I'm gonna totally plug Amazon here and post this link to the Adele CD ...she's one of my new favs, so why not.  

And just so you are aware, I do get a commission if you click thru and purchase it.  That's not a hint or anything, I just want you to know :)

Have a great weekend!


Laurie Jefferies said... [Reply to comment]

Love it Marsha! The backsplash is beautiful - blue and brown has long been a favourite combo of mine! Can't wait to see it in person when we visit in June :)