Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hmmm, I kind of like this blogging thing...

It's been 72 days since we started our renovations, and although we aren't finished quite yet, we are so very, very close! Backsplash, grouting, cabinet doors, trim and crown moulding, 5 more pieces of cabinetry, and a bathroom fan. That's it and the upstairs is complete! Then I can start really personalizing the space. Right now we are living up here, but it will really start to feel like home when those last little things are finished and I can pull out the goodies!

I mentioned last time that I was becoming a little OCD, and some may agree. I decided (with a little help from the blogs I've linked to on the right) that a household binder might be for me. It started with the decision that since we were starting with basically a brand new house we weren't going to allow anything to come in unless it was a) clean, b) needed (ok, and just wanted too, but that's where c comes in), and c) had a designated spot. This lead to trying to find a way to keep our mail organized, as well as find a replacement for our old "message center", which was the side of our fridge, which is no longer magnetic or visible on the one side as it was before. This then lead to the blogs.....soooo many home organization and meal planning blogs! It's like heaven out there for me! Why had I never explored this resource before? From there came the household binder, and then a meal planning binder too, and then the idea that I have to keep blogging! It's fun, it's a great way to share things with family and friends, and it's a great way to keep track of all the great blogs I've found.

Over the next little while I'm just going to play with it a bit, so if you decide to follow along, or tune in once and awhile, please bear with me. Designing an interesting and organized :) blog is foreign to me...I've just followed the template thus far! I hope to post links to blogs and sites I enjoy, share more details on our household binder, post home decorating projects I hope to attempt, and maybe even share my meals as I plan them each week. Who knows really, I'm just gonna wing it for a while!

Most certainly though I will complete the original goal of blogging about our renos by posting before and after pics (together, so you don't have to link back to the beginning :) ), and by keeping you updated as the last things are finished upstairs. Then there will be the basement to report on. If I get things right, there should labels for the topics I'll be posting about, but I only think I know how to do that at this point, so wish me luck.

Happy blogging!