Tuesday, March 15, 2011

End of Day 44

Ok, first of all I need opinions, big time.  Most of the lighting was installed yesterday, and we love all of it...except the dining room chandelier - of course the most important fixture.  I need to know what you think...can we use the same fixture that is in the porch (because we love it), in the dining area?  Check them out...

Love this one...

This one, not so much...can we use the same one as the porch in this dining area??

Now on to the good stuff!!  CABINETS!!!!!  Take a look, I think they are beautiful, perfect, awesome, gorgeous and a whole bunch more!!!!  And that's with no doors on yet!

OMG - I can't tell you how excited I am about these cabinets!!  The layout will be the same as before, with the sink under the window, the dishwasher in the open space on the right and the stove in the open space on the left, with the microwave above....although we see there is no plug in for the microwave anymore...interesting to see if that was planned or not!

The floor is perfect with these cabinets!!!  So glad we splurged a bit for it...

I'm so glad I gave up a chunk of counter for this pantry - it will be well stocked!

If you see this Traci, you will totally get that I stole your idea from your last house in Hinton by putting this wall of cabinets here.  This house is the exact same layout as that one, only you didn't have the opening in this wall.  Great idea!!!  Our garbage can and recycle bins always sat against this wall, so I am super stoked about all that crap being hidden now.

6 bins in 3 cabinets - plenty of room for all the recycling and garbage.  If I find one empty pop can or juice box on what will eventually be my nice, new, CLEAN, counter, I will put the person responsible in one of these bins - be warned!

This is what the doors look like...

Lighting for Cam's room and our bedroom.  I'm going with a blingy, girly one for the scrapbook room, but it isn't in yet...

Lighting for the main bathroom - of course one of the shades had to be broken...another waiting game for a replacement to come in....

Same style, only smaller for our little bathroom.  I'm glad we did something different for the bathrooms - I like these.

Ahh, nice new doors all around.

Love, love, love the french style doors on this hallway closet.

Cam's closet is nowhere near being blue anymore!

The front entry is sooo much brighter!

I'm really liking the new baseboards - very plain and simple, and a good height too.