Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 41

Yay - we bought our new sectional today!  The layout of the living room really relies on us having a sectional, so although I felt a tiny bit guilty buying our 3rd new couch in 7 years (that's a lot isn't it?), it was something that will really pull our ideas for the living room together.

It's such an oddly spaced room, and I think we need to create two seperate areas in the space.  The sectional will create the space for the TV area, and then an area rug and an accent chair or two by the fireplace will create the second space....I hope!  Regardless, buying the sectional was a must so I don't really feel guilty, just will be here April 8...perfect timing!

The couch color is slightly off, it looks charcoal gray (that's it's name actually) in some lights, and kind of browny in others.  The pillows have a small stripe in them that is a yellowy beige color.  Hopefully it will all look good together with everything else.

So, it's now a few hours after purchasing the couch, and I just got back from purchasing two chairs!  I feel they are important to the space, so back I went to see if I could find something I wanted, and yep, sure did!

This is the main accent chair, but in a totally different pattern that is a chocolate brown with a red and orange and green pattern on it.  It's quite wide and very comfortable.  I even took my shoes off and curled up in it just to make sure!  Eventually I will order a footstool to go with it.  This will be by the fireplace, close to the window.

This is the second chair exactly.  It will be on the other side of the fireplace.  My Auntie crotched me an afghan that I already know will look great draped over it!