Friday, March 11, 2011

End of day 40

Wow, what a great way to end the week!  A new ceiling and new flooring...and they both look great!

The cabinet install didn't start today as planned, but that's ok.  It will begin on Tuesday for sure, and I found out today that the cabinet maker - Alex - has almost everything built, and the install should go fairly quickly, so I'm really pumped for next week...I should have a new kitchen by the end of it!  We have added extra tasks to Alex's list, so overall it will take a bit longer to get our bedroom closet done, as well as another closet or two, but again, that's ok.  We picked out a mantle that we only sorta liked, and it was going to take a while to come in, and also it would have been made of maple, so instead Alex will build it.  This is great because then it will match everything exactly.  Plus, we weren't going to do our little bathroom originally, but now we are, and we weren't going to do Cam's closet, but now we are, so he has those to contend with too.  Lots of work for the cabinet maker...

Monday of next week the new lighting may get installed, as well as the electrical switches and outlets changed out.  The new inside doors, the trim, and the baseboards are supposed to be done too.  It will be nice to see the effect those have on the overall look...I think it will be pretty drastic.  Plus, once those are done, we can move back into our bedroom!  The closet won't be done, or our bathroom I don't think, but the toilet is still in there and at least we could be sleeping up there...I'll take it!

Not much longer now.  I'm hoping the weather is nice this weekend so we can get all the windows washed, which is making me realize that we really are getting close.  Being able to start to clean because the major dirty work is done is a good thing!

I took pics of the new ceiling, but you really can't see anything in them unless you are looking at it full screen, so I didn't post any, but I of course took some of the new flooring!  There's a good story behind this lino first though...

We redid our little bathroom about 2 years ago.  When we went to choose the flooring, I picked out what I wanted, but of course it was the expensive lino, and Kev said no way because we would have to buy a way bigger piece than we needed for that little bathroom.  Well, he had to go to the city soon after and he went to the casino and won, so he called me up and said I could have my lino...yay for me!!!  We knew our main bathroom had to be redone, so we figured we'd save the extra piece for when the time came, completely not knowing we'd be doing a whole home reno eventually!  Anyway, when the time came to pick flooring for this reno, I knew I wanted the same lino (there was a pretty big allowance for flooring in the budget this time!), but I was afraid that because we were going to a different dealer, and because we didn't know the brand or anything, we wouldn't be able to find the same stuff.  We went and looked, but after about 5 minutes realized we could be there for hours, so Kev went and got the extra piece and brought it to the store.  The guy probably spent half an hour going thru the samples while we were going thru tile for the backsplash.  We had finally picked the tile and I was standing looking at our piece thinking it was hopeless when suddenly he yanked a sample out, threw it on top of our piece, and it was a match!  I literally teared up and wanted to hug him!  I was so happy, and now that I see it I love it!  My only concern is that I wonder if our wood laminate floor looks too red next to it...we'll have to see once it's all complete, but right now it's picking at me ever so slightly....

Very neutral carpet in my scrapbook room and our bedroom.

Eventually the sides of the stairs will be carpeted with whatever we pick for carpet in the basement.  Once the upstairs is done and we are moved up, the basement portion of the renos will begin...I don't think that will be near as stressful!

Back porch.


See what I'm gettin' at here...a little too much red maybe?  Maybe not...hmmm.  Regardless, I love the lino.  The laminate will have to go before the lino does!

Main bathroom.