Tuesday, February 1, 2011

End of Day 2

Well, today wasn't as disconcerting as yesterday was, for me anyway.  The animals are still having a hard time with the whole situation, especially Chloe.  She won't go up or down the basement steps...not sure if that is because the old flooring is gone or because she snuck up them on day 1 while the spiky things were still sticking up.  If she thinks I'll carry her for the next couple of months she's sadly mistaken - at least she has her Kevi for that stuff!

I learned today that a roast pork dinner will only work if I put the potatoes and carrots in the slow cooker with the roast.  I thought I could manage doing the veggies once I got home, but it is not at all easy to cook a meal in what we have set up.  No running water in the 'kitchen' means running to the bathroom often, and a hot plate burner takes a lot more time to generate enough heat to bring water to a boil.  Needless to say, Cam was late for hockey practice and probably got cramps from eating right before he left.  On top of that, it sucks to have to haul the dishes to the laundry sink in the bathroom to wash them.  We are using paper plates and bowls, and plastic cups and cutlery, but that obviously doesn't cover all the tools required to create a meal.  If it's not one pot from here on in, I ain't cookin' it!!!  Anyway, some pics of today's progress...

I thought I had taken a before pic of the fireplace, but didn't.  It was ugly brick, floor to ceiling.  This wood burning unit will be replaced with a gas one.

Although when I first saw this tub I immediately said 'no way', we have no choice due to the fact that our bathroom is so small.  Although I will gladly sit in this, I don't like that it only has one shelf - we'll have to find something to rectify that, 'cause one shelf isn't enough for just my bath items, never mind 3 other people's!!!

About half of the upstairs ceiling is now boarded.  Goodbye popcorn!