Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ready to Go!

Ok, so it's Sunday night and we are now living in the basement!  Here are some before pics and some of our living arrangements.  As you can see, it is tight, will be worth it!

Our recycle center...not very pretty to look at - can't wait for that upgrade!!!

Back porch.

Front entry.

Cam's closet.

Scrapbook room - too bad I didn't get a pic when it was full of all my stuff!

Scrapbook room closet.

Hallway closet.

Main bathroom.

Yucky tub - I won't miss this - and this is clean!!!

Our bedroom closets.

Our bathroom. 

Our kitchen for the duration.

My spot to get ready in the AM.

Our living room/dining room/bedroom.

Oh yeah, and computer room.

Yes, those are my clothes in those blue bins.